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Ursel Phillips Fellows Hopkinson LLP is a Toronto law firm specializing in labour, employment and criminal law. Our lawyers provide advice and representation to unions, professional associations and individual employees with respect to all aspects of the work relationship, including labour relations litigation, human rights, pension and employment benefits, health and safety, workers’ compensation, professional discipline, criminal defense, civil litigation including appellate work, Charter of Rights and public interest advocacy, and class actions. Our criminal defence lawyers also represent individuals charged under the Criminal Code, and the Controlled Drugs and Substances and Act.   

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Kristen is a partner at the firm and the head of the firm’s Research Department. She represents the firm’s clients at labour arbitrations, administrative tribunals, and in civil court, with a special focus on judicial review applications and Charter and appellate litigation. Kristen has extensive experience working with clients in the education sector and the public sector more broadly. 

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